Tips To Create A Perfect Packaging Experience

Unfortunately, the unboxing experience is a largely underestimated aspect of created custom packaging. E-commerce entrepreneurs often look into the ways to amaze their customers, and sadly, they rarely pay much attention to creating an unboxing experience that could wow their customers. Most of these businesses think that as long as you have a high-quality product, it is OK to go with a white or plain brown box. The fact of the matter is that even the best of products can benefit from a better unboxing experience.

According to a 2015 survey, 49% of the people say that brilliant packaging makes them happier about receiving products from a particular brand. 39% of people say that a nice unboxing experience encourages them to share it with other people over social media and other accessible mediums. It means that a brilliant unboxing experience is an opportunity for your brand to gain a reputation.

Inside the box

After getting a custom printed box, you may wonder what you need to put inside the box to enhance the unboxing experience. There are a lot of ways available, from paper to confetti and rustic twine to branded stickers. These items will not only enhance the user experience, but they will also ensure the protection of your product during the transit. All you have to do is to place those supplies in such an arrangement that they become Instagram-friendly. There are so many alternatives that you can go for instead of picking packing peanuts and air pouches to protect your product in the box.

If you have to make it personal, make it

You will want your product packaging process to be as automatic as possible, but do not let this requirement to take over the manual touch that shows that a real person is working behind the brand. Including a handwritten note inside the packaging and creating a space in the box design to allow your customers to write their names are a few ways to establish a personal interaction with your customers. With your e-commerce business providing very little chance to have a direct conversation with your customers, the inclusion of such elements that show the manual side of your brand can be significantly helpful.

Let your packaging tell the brand story

If you want to retain your customers, you are going to have to tell them your brand story. It doesn’t mean that you have to print a long-form text as a means to elaborate on the history of your brand. The brand story becomes more engaging and evident through the use of powerful visuals that are specifically associated with your brand. One of the ways to be a storyteller about your brand is to share your social handles on the product packaging. Encourage your customers to join a hashtag. It will help you propagate your brand and products in an even better way.

The most essential thing to keep in mind regarding the unboxing experience is that it is not hard to create. Much of the input will be available from the theme and patterns that define your brand. If you have any confusion regarding this task, you may want to contact a packaging consultant.

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Recyclable Shrink Films and Biodegradable Shrink Films Recyclable – Which One is Better?

In the past few years, we have seen public, corporate entities, and malls were raising their voices against the use of plastic. As it was considered harmful for an animal’s life, human beings, and the environment, but the COVID-19 has changed these perspectives. Now, the point is that plastic is a safer option in the battle against the pandemic. However, the decision regarding the sheer ban of plastic products like shopping bags, cups, straws, and other items have taken back.

Sooner or later, the virus will be over and we shall demand a pleasant environment for the creature. Thus, we’ll surely need plastic-free products and some alternatives. For the sake of a happy and healthy earth, the public will seek for the plastic alternatives to protect the living things and nature. Thus, the question is either te shrink films are friendly for the environment or not? The eventual concern about the shrink films is, which one is better for your products – Recyclable or Biodegradable?

The answer lies in the budget of the customers, their monthly volume of films used, and some other variables related to their exponential growth and product. However, we’ll study the recyclable and biodegradable shrink film and your requirements; thus, you can choose the best for you.

Recyclable Shrink Film

Now the businesses want alternatives to plastic and raise questions on the use of shrink films. Everyone is getting serious about a healthy nature and living creatures’ life. So, clients have doubts about the use of shrink films and they want an alternative to it. The people do not that traditional shrink films are recyclable. They want to quit the use of shrink films but once they know that these are re-useable plastic, they want their decision back. In most cases, clients assume that every plastic is harmful to the environment and each type is not recyclable. But, the scenario is different for shrink films.

Many clients (even after the use of shrink films for decades) do not know that traditional shrink films are fully recyclable. So, the public, corporate entities, and supermarkets can use these plastics for the wrapping and packaging of their products. The only problem is that most of the waste management companies do not have sufficient infrastructure or machinery to recycle shrink films, but it is absolutely recyclable and safe for the products and environment.

Biodegradable Shrink Film

The biodegradable shrink films use biodegradable biopolymer-based plastics for its making procedure. Well, they can degrade much faster than traditional shrink films. When it comes to the biodegradability of the traditional plastics, they usually take up to a thousand years to degrade fully. So, bio-plastics are a safe option.

When clients look for environmentally friendly alternatives, the bio-plastic films catch the interest of the public and companies. So, the biodegradable shrink films can break down much faster than the traditional recyclable plastics. But, biodegradable films cannot be recycled. However, a few plastics are impossible to decompose even at homes or at the industries; thus, they end up as litter in the rivers, oceans, and jungles. So, when it comes to the complete decomposing of the bio-plastics, it takes too much time. Thus, the use of recyclable traditional shrink films is better.

Which One is Better for You?

The better option is entirely based on your products and consumer choices. Thus, before choosing the best one for your company, seek the help of a packaging expert. You can opt for a packaging analyst. It would be better if you keep in mind the elements, your items, the environment’s health, and customers’ demand. Such points will be able to choose better. When you think according to nature’s point of view, then the suitable one is recyclable options.